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Drive revenue by automating repeatable processes and digitizing your sales process
The above graph shows the point at which the FXN team got involved with a design and technology overhaul, and how that intervention corresponded with a 2.5x increase in quality click throughs.

In Fall 2020, the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) needed a comprehensive approach to nurture and automate their new leads through a sales pipeline that was equal parts efficient and self-sustaining. 

Looking to empower their Sales process, they partnered with both our Content, Search, and Media (CSM) team and our Automations team to devise and implement a winning strategy.

After gathering data and business goals from IWBI’s marketing group, our CSM and Automations teams devised a nurturing process to effectively move interested leads through the sales pipeline without having to involve their already-busy in-house sales team. 

Using their direct-to-consumer offering, we created top- and middle-funnel assets to help their leads engage, learn, and ultimately make a purchase. We automated email outreach to create a seamless process from first touch to last touch, and provided leads the opportunity to register at whatever point made sense to them.

Future iterations of this process allowed us to implement lead scoring for other product pipelines as well, including options to: 
- Queue high-level targets directly to the sales team
- Continue nurturing with different automations curated by audience types
- Retarget for future consideration or different products.

With a revenue operations strategy, we were able to meet customers where they were at and effectively moved them through an automated sales funnel.

For their direct-to-consumer offering, our client went from 200 to more than 500 sales per month, requiring less interaction with the in-house sales team and minimal optimization from the marketing department.

We were also able to use this strategy for their high-touch offerings and implement a lead scoring process to inform their sales teams of who the most interested leads were, so they could spend time and effort quickly converting them into customers.

Services offered

  • Campaigns
  • Sales and marketing funnels
  • HubSpot middleware
  • Knowledgebase
  • Business consulting
  • Content strategy
  • Automation
  • HubSpot installation