Grow your market of qualified leads

Reach new audiences with content distribution, paid media, and qualifying lead funnels
The above graph shows the point at which the FXN team got involved with a design and technology overhaul, and how that intervention corresponded with a 2.5x increase in quality click throughs.

In Spring 2020, the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) approached our “Content, Search, and Media" team with interest in paid options to help supercharge their outreach and engage with new customers in new marketing channels.

IWBI leads the global movement to transform our buildings and communities by creating healthier spaces to help people thrive. The in-house marketing team was looking for help with strategy, content production, and execution to expand their network and generate new leads.

We engaged with their in-house team to understand IWBI’s business goals, budget, and intended outcomes. From there, we created low-cost engagement campaigns to reach their identified audience targets. Through the use of paid search and social platforms, we engaged with potential customers by serving helpful resources and downloadable assets as part of a gated-approach to interacting with these soon-to-be leads.

As a next step, we created an automated email series to help nurture new leads within IWBI’s sales funnel to ensure they were receiving content that was most helpful for them to make a decision to purchase. Along the way, we used data and A/B testing opportunities to optimize the campaigns for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness.

Since we implemented our lead strategy, we’ve helped our client steadily grow their contactable leads by roughly 10,000 new contacts per month across different products and sale cycles. 

Their list went from 45,000 contacts to more than 210,000 leads in just 18 months.

Services offered

  • Campaigns
  • Organic Social media
  • Paid media
  • Event Measurement
  • Workflows
  • Lead qualifying
  • Search
  • Media buying